Fairfield Warde High School PTA


The PTA is a machine that fueled by the energy and participation of our volunteers. We have so many ways in which you can help - from jobs that take an hour to year-round positions.

By supporting the PTA with your time, you are investing in making the FWHS community a better place for your child, your child's educators and FWHS families.


Throughout the school year, there will be a number of volunteer opportunities that do not require you to chair a committee, but where you are asked to lend a quick hand and volunteer some of your time or contribute in another way. We will be using the sign-up feature on MySchoolAnywhere as much as possible to make signing-up super convenient and to present all opportunities in one spot as they become available. Personalized sign-up links are periodically sent to the Warde Community, but you can also CLICK HERE to access all currently open FWHS PTA volunteer opportunities. Make sure to bookmark your  personal link and check back often for opportunities.

Committee Chairs, please be in touch with Heidi de La Garrigue to add your volunteer sign-up requests.


The 2018 Fairfield Warde HS Flea Market season is kicking off this month (running monthly - every 3rd Sunday - till October) & we are looking for some great people interested in joining fellow Warde parent Kitti Fisher-Borgatti in learning the ropes from the amazing, current (but unfortunately graduating this spring) team, & then taking it onwards.

We’d love someone who’s in-the-know with community news outlets, local vendors, food trucks, crafters & artists, face-painters, balloon sculptors, musicians, you-name-it, to continue on the FWHS Flea Market tradition & biggest PTA fundraiser, while adding a Fair element.

Just the same, if you’re a current Warde parent who doesn’t know a soul & has no experience, but would still like get involved... welcome.

(Also, if you’re interested in getting a booth, let us know & we’ll keep you in the loop.)

Email fwhsfleamarket@gmail.com for more information & to get on-board.

Life After High School for seniors and their parents is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16th at 7:00 pm.

We will need 10 volunteers to staff the check-in tables (2 per table, one table per house), hand-out table (1), and 3 inside the auditorium to usher students and parents to their seats with the goal to fill from the front. Parents will be able to attend following volunteer shift.

 Please review our open positions for the next academic year and consider volunteering for one of them.  

Remember as Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is worth living." 

If you are able to fill one of these positions, please contact Karen Secrist.  Thank you!


2018-2019 Warde PTA Organization Framework
President: OPEN
Vice President: OPEN
Treasurer: OPEN
Secretary: Leann Ratner 

Communications Team
Membership Contact Info- Reini Knorr
Database Admin & Directory - Reini Knorr
PTA WARDE -BLAST Email Distributions- OPEN
Website Manager – Kitti Fisher Borgatti
Bylaws (updated 5/15 no current need)

Fund Raising Team – Lead - Treasurer: Kim Driscoll
Flea Markets- Kitti Fisher Borgatti - Co-Chair OPEN 
Affiliation Programs Stop & Shop and Shoprite - OPEN
Spiritwear - Cheryl Eustace & Kate Meyer
Warde Community Team Leader – Executive Board
Incoming Student Picnic (Admin run, PTA sponsored)
Volunteer Coordinator - OPEN
Caring from the Heart/GC Collection – Suzanne Francis
Teacher & Staff Appreciation -Jean Gallati
     Welcome Back Luncheon
     Various Holiday celebrations- Decided by committee
     Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week (1st week of May)
Next Street Driving School Program- OPEN
Operation Hope Dinner – Karen Carelli
Senior 2018 Yearbook Signing Picnic Party – OPEN
Alpha Prep SAT Course - OPEN
Tools for Schools - OPEN

Student-Family Engagement Team (planning programs with Ludlowe and their programming folks) - OPEN
Fairfield Cares Task Force Rep - Reini Knorr
9th Grade Forum on Underage Drinking OPEN
10th Grade Healthy relationships OPEN
11th Grade Mock Car Crash OPEN
12th Grade Life after High School Forum OPEN

Student & Teacher Program Team (Academic & Club Support)
Reflections Program - Jean Gallati & Amy Scatenato
Teacher Grants - Kathleen Parker

Liaison Team
FWMS (Monique Sudikoff)
TMS (Suzanne Francis)
PTA Council (LeAnn Ratner)
BOE & BOE Budget Rep -
SEPTA (Shannon Goodchild)
Safe School Climate

It’s time to say THANK YOU to our wonderful WARDE teachers, administrators and staff!  We have three great days planned as a way of showing our appreciation and we need your help.  If you like to cook or bake, shop, decorate or serve, this is a perfect opportunity to help.
It all happens on three days during the week of May 9th
          Monday:  Breakfast for Champions
          Thursday:  Life is a Picnic
          Friday:  Golden Ticket to Success (Candy & Sweet Willy Wonka-style)

Thank you so much to the 23 people who jumped right in and volunteered to help me with Teacher Appreciation Week!!  I am so grateful for your quick response...it definitely sets a good example and relieves a little stress from my shoulders!  Now, it would be great if some more of you could step up to help!!  I might have to quote my parents again with their "many helping hands make for light work" saying!   I know, it is a long list, but we will be thanking the 250 teachers, administrators and staff members who are coming to work every day to try to help our children.  Please look it over and see if there is anything you might be able to do.   I do really appreciate your consideration.  

 And, if you have any questions or comments or ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me.  

Jean Gallati 


Please consider donating or serving one of the following dates, see link below: